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A world created indoors

There's something satisfying about creating your character out of thin air.

the ultimate

road trip

a COMEDY animation

A trio of friends come together for another road trip.


Written and Animated by Kevin Bawa                 

Starring Brennan Bland, Angie Antoinette and Kevin Bawa


a DRAMA animation

The life of a boy growing up and following his dreams of going into space.


Written and Animated by Kevin Bawa 


a NOIR animation series

A disturbance in the streets lead to a frightening discovery, and a set of clues that sets the main character astray.

Written and Animated by Kevin Bawa                 

epsiode one

epsiode two

epsiode three


a COMEDY animation

An individual finds it a bit difficult to cross the road.

Written and Animated by Kevin Bawa                 

Let's Collaborate - Animation
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