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A reality in which we control

Let's laugh, let's cry, let's be scared for people who don't exist.

heated systems

a SCI-FI short film

After watching Westworld Season 1 and 2, I just had to recreate my own version of it! 


Film by Karan Bawa                 

Starring Morrison James and Shalane Connors

Sound Operator Ian Parale

Camera/Production Assistant Shamini Singhal

when wet

an ACTION short film

A businessman causes a fuss with the janitor after slipping on a wet floor.


Film by Karan Bawa                 

Starring Jamie Treselyan and Igor Bulanov

Sound Operator John Tompkins

Production Assistant Katina McPherson


a short drama

Who knew it could go this far?


Film by Karan Bawa                 

Starring Jamie Treselyan and Clara Helms

Sound Operator Jaedon Cooper

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