"A reality in which we control"

Let's laugh, let's cry, let's be scared for people who don't exist.

slippery when wet

an ACTION short film

A businessman causes a fuss with the janitor after slipping on a wet floor.


Film by Kevin Bawa                 

Starring Jamie Treselyan and Igor Bulanov

Sound Operator John Tompkins

Production Assistant Katina McPherson

three knocks

a HORROR short film

A reminder not to open your door on Halloween.


Film by Kevin Bawa                 

Starring Kerstyn Walsh and Harry Bawa

never too young

a NOIR short film

An experienced gangster waits at his usual meet up point for an illegal trade, but this exchange is different as he is met with a guy very much his junior. 


Written, Directed, Filmed and Edited by Kevin Bawa                 

Production Sound Mixing by Sarah Hatzon

Experienced Gangster Played by Austin Beutler

Junior Gangster Played by Tim Mason Scott


a THRILLER short film

A mysterious man runs through the woods.


Film by Kevin Bawa                 

Starring Brennan Bland

east way

a THRILLER short film

A bushwalker stumbles upon an isolated pathway where he is followed by a decaying individual.


Written, Directed, Filmed and Edited by Kevin Bawa                 

Produced by Bronte Mednis

Special Effects Make Up by Kiara Egiziano

Starring Shane Millward and Wombat GT

adventures of aiden

a COMEDY web series

Unsure if it's his attraction to bad luck, Aiden is met with a number of unusual encounters on his walks.

Written, Directed, Filmed and Edited by Kevin Bawa                 

Starring Shane Millward

epsiode one: pebble

epsiode two: photograph

epsiode three: plane

the recording

a THRILLER short film

Jay has finally built up the courage to introduce his girlfriend to his 'family'.


Written and Directed by Kevin Bawa                 

Cinematography by Mohamed Chith

Produced by Rebeka O'Shea

Production Design by Jenny Chen

Sound and Editing by Catherine Pearce

Jay Played by Marley Erueti

Kim Played by Cocheene Smith