Cast and Crew Required


'Heated Systems - A Westworld Fan Film'

A Comedic Drama


After a bad day at work Graham arrives home to his robot creation Ellie, who despite coming with a few glitches questions her existentialism. 

Shoot Day Details


  • 1 day shoot (approx. 2-3 hours).

  • 1 location in Sydney.

  • Aiming for a mid June 2020 shoot date.

  • Payments for each role to be discussed when selected.

Cast Roles Currently Available

GRAHAM the creator (aged 25 - 40)

  • Worn down, withered.

  • Lonesome.

  • Tired of making mistakes when it comes to machines.

ELLIE the robot (aged 25 - 40)

  • Loves to listen.

  • Full of glitches.

  • Questions her existence often.

Each cast member will be given a HD copy of the film, as well as an industry reference upon request.

Looking forward to viewing your applications!

Script Excerpt